Upgrades & Preventative Maintenance

There are many maintenance items that can be performed on PC's which can significantly increase performance and stability. In addition, the number of patches and updates for applications are increasing daily. Also looming is the inescapable risk of system failure; a plan must be implemented to backup critical data.

The Computer Magician will run diagnostics software on the hard disk to ensure it is working correctly. The Computer Magician will update many of the standard load software to the current versions: Netscape Navigator, Netscape Mail, Netscape Calendar, Microsoft Office Patches, and Virus protection software. This step alone often resolve many abnormalities and oddities with applications. We will free up your computers system resources and clean out unused files; sometime creating up to a 20% improvement in speed.

Tired of your mouse skipping around? The Computer Magician will clean your mouse, keyboard, and monitor. This will make navigation and viewing easier. The Computer Magician will also remove unwanted dust from your inside your computer; this can result in lower operating temperatures which can increase hardware longevity. The Computer Magician will clean the heads on your Floppy and CDROM drives.