Doug Rotthaus - Omaha area Board Of Realtors

I first met Lou and Rogene Villamonte in 1996, when their company, The Computer Magician was referred to me for the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln’s “computer needs.”
Today those needs have advanced way beyond where we started and I am pleased that The Computer Magician has kept pace with the changes.  Today I receive effective, proficient service. Lou, Rogene and the staff are still as hardworking and extremely caring about the service they provide as they were 20 years ago.

I became CEO at the Omaha Area Board of REALTORS® in 2010, inheriting an older server networked with a mix of PC equipment.  We continued to use the IT service provider that previously installed and maintained the network and, for the most part, they did a good job and serviced our account well.  When it became time to explore updating our local network, I had the current provider and another established local company make proposals based on our needs. At that time, I also reconnected with The Computer Magician and asked them to provide a proposal as well.

The Computer Magician was the one that made me feel comfortable with the decisions.  Even though my level of understanding is, at best, intermediate, they made me feel like an expert by teaching me about the technology, showing me the pros and cons of different options that were available. They made it clear that we were in charge, but they also shared with me recommendations that weren’t always the most expensive options. I feel they took the time to learn about our total operation, then matched our needs to a custom network configuration that today exceeds our expectations. In the shopping phase they explained, better than anyone, the advantages and disadvantages of many different possibilities that were available to us.

Today, The Computer Magician manages our daily needs with round-the-clock system monitoring and on-call service.  They continue to answer our questions as they arise and as we move forward with additional needs.

It is my pleasure to recommend Lou and Rogene Villamonte and The Computer Magician without reservation.


Douglas H. Rotthaus
Chief Executive Officer