Mark Wible - Firethorn Golf Club & Resort Owner

This is a short note to say – you’ve made the right decision. The Computer Magician (Luis and Rogene Villamonte) are simply the best. They have helped our business immeasurably. When we found TCM we were struggling with network stability. Our systems were outdated and fragmented. We had no WiFi and our ability to grow our business was limited. Since engaging TCM, all of our computer issues have magically disappeared.

Contrary to what Lou would like us all to believe, magic had (almost) nothing to do with the improvement we’ve experienced in our business systems. Hard work, technical expertise and an unmatched business ethic, I suspect, are the real reasons our business is now thriving. Lou, Rogene and their team have been key contributors to our business’s growth. They’ve strategically helped position our company for an exciting future.

Firethorn, and the golf industry in general, represents a unique business model. We serve a broad spectrum of people through a variety of platforms. All of our electronic customer touch points, as well as our back office support systems, now operate with little to no problems. We’ve presented TCM with several distinctive “head scratchers” and each time they’ve returned with viable options that have not broken the bank and addressed our needs.

Let’s face it – the best business relationships are those where you implicitly trust your business partners. We don’t make a significant business decision without Lou or Rogene in the room. I don’t feel I can make a higher recommendation than that.