Why Is Dell Customer Service So Bad

Hate is a strong word, maybe that’s just an attention getter. The fact is, “your computer is only as fast as its slowest component.” And the “Big guys” are in the game for the money, not to build you a long-lasting computer.

Think about what I just said, your computer is only as fast as its slowest component.  That means if I put the latest (fastest) Intel CPU on a cheap motherboard and add slow inexpensive memory and an old mechanical hard drive, I can save a ton of money.  I would then advertise this machine as an Intel, i9 (fastest at the time of this writing) machine, and you would only know that the machine has a fast CPU in it.  Logic dictates that you would think your machine is the “fastest”.

It’s not.  Because I would make my money on selling you all the other (slower) parts.  Add that to an assembly line (DELL) and you have a mass-produced money maker.

Further, if you buy a HP, DELL, etc., you get many proprietary parts, so if you have a power supply go out, you will pay DELL up to $300 for a $70 power supply.  It’s that way on memory upgrades, hard drives, video cards, and all the parts.

Dell uses many “industry standard” parts, only they re-brand them as theirs and update the firmware so the parts only work in their machines.  Otherwise, it’s all the same brands the “white box builder” uses.

That’s us, The Computer Magician llc is a “White Box builder” of PC’s.  Custom build (or white box builders) make of a majority of the computer is the US.

The Computer Magicician llc build a computer based on your needs.  Once we figure out what you are going to do with the machine, we build the parts around each other so we get the fastest machine your money can buy.  We “marry” the parts, so they complement each other, and we follow the “bell curve” price point, so “YOUR MACHINE IS ONLY AS FAST AS IT’S SLOWEST COMPONENT.”  😊

So, no we don’t “hate” DELL’s, we just think you can do better with your money.

We have 12 tech tables and at any given time, over half of those table have DELL computers on them for repair.  That says a lot for the assembly line, money making, computer giant.

We have been in business for over 28 years now and we started based on this simple physiology.  We do not keep inventory, so we are not tempted to try to sell your old technology.  That’s just been good business for us.

-Luis Villamonte
owner The Computer Magician llc