Beware of local computer companies FAKE awards!

I have been seeing local companies boast that they are "The Best" and They "received an award for" on their websites.  I am here to tell you no one asked for my vote!  I've been in business for over 20 years and I can count on one hand how many people have been upset with our service in as many years.  We are a small business. Rogene and I have spent many hours on our education.  We take pride in the fact that many of our customers that have done business with us for as long as we've been in business.  Our company was built on sound, honest, God-fearing principles, and these principles have served us well.  If you want to know if we'll do a good job for you, just give us a call.  I think a good way to see if the company has a "real" award is to click on the "award" logo on their website.  If the logo does not take you to another  company telling you what the award is and how this company received it, I'm guessing it's fake.

If you want to see our awards, come see them in our showroom, if you want the "Best of", consider reading this blog:


Here's somthing to consider:

The Computer Magician has a "A" rating because we are not members of the BBB so we can only get an "A".  But if you look at other companies in Lincoln they have complains and they also get a "A+" BECAUSE they are members of the BBB.  I just think it's kind of a scam.

My take on Best Buy's Geeks

Best Buy started a unit some years back called the Geek Squad. It’s made up of young people that do computer work. About the only thing I can tell about the idea is they are national and they have a ton of advertising money behind them. I can’t say I wasn’t young when I got started in computers but I can say, I did not know nearly what I know now and when I was young, I tended to make drastic decisions based on my knowledge. The cost on my services was much less and I tended to do clean installs much more often. Cheap and young is not always better. Here’s a link of issues people have had with the Geek Squad.  Geek Squad Reviews.

Here's a video you might like:!!

Luis Villamonte
The Computer Magician, Owner