Why I HATE Dell computers "Read more..."?

Now Dells actually effects me on many different levels. One is the mentality of some of the customers. They have the $299 pricetag stuck in their mind. Like for instance, we charge roughly under $200 for a hard drive replacement and data transfer. Yet some people would not choose to repair their computer simply because they have that magical number of $299 in their heads.

We all know that they are not going to spend that when getting a new PC. Yet some people will have a 2 (or even 1) year old computer that a simply HDD replacement would fix. But that new Dell is just so hard to pass up.

Here's a site that you can find out from real people why buying a DELL computer is not good for local businesses.  Go to Here, it's a forum for people that work for DELL, worked for DELL and everyone else.  You will find hours of reading fun from this website.  There are over 30K posts.