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It is very important that you make informed decisions when purchasing a new computer system. We help you make these choices by offering free, no obligation consulting -- we never charge for this service, and by taking advantage of it, you are in no way obligated to order your system from us. In fact, if you decide to order from anyone else, tell us why! We are confident that the more informed you are, the more you see that many computer retailers simply do not take the time to correctly configure a system for your needs. So go ahead, drop us an email. Let us help you get the system you deserve!

Manufacturers haven't missed out on the buzz concerning quiet PCs either.  Over the last year, the number of "silent" and "quiet" fans and psus has skyrocketed. And thermally-controlled fan speed adjustment is becoming quite common as well. Motherboard manufacturers seem to finally be implementing the PWM fan control of the winbond IC (Speedfan users rejoice!), and products like the CrystalFontz 633 make temperature dependent fan speed setup simple.  For manual fan control, there have to be at least a dozen inexpensive 5.25" and 3.5" bay fan controllers with knobs and leds on the market now. 

It was only a matter of time before a mainstream case manufacturer came out with an enclosure targeted at those seeking silent computers.  A few companies (Koolance and Swiftech) have tried to push water cooling in this way, but the initial cost and the potential for problems scares off many average quiet PC users.   The Computer Magician™   is one of the first companies to release a PC enclosure that is designed and marketed to those seeking silence.  Our Black Model is the quietest computer we have ever had on our table.

What is probably of more interest to our clients are the special noise reduction features.  All the HDDs are mounted on removable trays that have grommets to dampen noise from HDD vibration,. The case fans are held on the case by rubber grommets as well so they do not cause any vibrational noise.  And to further lower fan noise, the Truepower 480W/500W/600W PSU has special Molex connectors for case fans that lower their voltage to further quiet the fans. To compensate for any loss in cooling at reduced voltage, Antec opted for 120mm case fans for the Sonata.  This is certainly a welcome change..

As with our previously cases, and the model shares many of the design features with the older series of cases.  The excellent door handle mechanism is still present in it, as is the locking front door.  However, some aspects of the case are completely new. For example, the front bezel was substantially redesigned on the to give it a much cleaner and distinctive look.


Another thing about the front of the case is the shiny silver piece.  That piece is actually a door for the multimedia ports. On either side of this door are blue LEDs. They are not the high intensity "wake the neighbors" versions and they are not too obtrusive. We wired them to be on or off, so if you don't care for them then you can just unplug them at any time.

This may seem useless to some, but I know a person or two who has a powerstrip modified with a 12V relay to turn on pump and peltier psu only when the system is running. This molex connector would be perfect for that.  It also is very handy for people who want to test out a fan or other device externally.

Come see us and we'll be happy to build one for you.  Thank you for taking the time to read about our computers here at The Computer Magician™  LLC.